September 1996

Tartuffe is, perhaps, Moilere's darkest and most penetrating vision of the terrible consequences which can result from a refusal to see the truth, that simple truth about ourselves or others which lies directly before us and yet remains strangely invisible. In this case, we see a previously happy and prosperous bourgeois household which is corrupted from within when a ruthless parasite invades the nest under the guise of a holy man. This exploration is also rich in combination of hot tears and belly-laughs which gives the play its particular flavour.
The theme of the incubus as religious charlatan, and the way that families can be destroyed through evil masquerading as good is certainly no less relevant today. The modern world is a carnival of Tartuffes.



Madame Pernelle - Natalie Foster
Flipotte - Stacey Granger
Marianne - Sarah Willis
Dorine - Josie Sunnock
Elmire - Rachel Critchley
Cleante - Richard Simpson
Damis - Richard Thomas
Orgon - Sheamus Bourke
Valere - Jamie Walker
Tartuffe - Shane Taylor
Loyal - Bryan Taylor
Laurent - Nathan Moore
The King - Daryl Brown

Directed by Daryl Brown