September 2000

Imagine taking a section of life, putting in into a theatrical context, creating a world of characters and a place, and then listening to it. This is how we worked to present Tennessee William's "Orpheus Descending". Influenced by his experience of cinematic sound, Williams embellished the play with many sound cues to texture the soundscape of the mercantile store and its setting in Southern America. We tried to create what could be described as a 'live 3-dimentional radio play', where the actors move around in the dark to a continuous track in surround sound. The audience is taken on an auditory journey from start to finish; they are invited to be listening voyeurs inside the store. The process of development has been adventurous from its conception to its presentation.



Dolly Hamma - Caroline Taylor
Beulah Binnings - Lottie Sprawson
Dog Binnings - Joe Henderson-Jones
Peewee Hamma - Colin Jones
Carol Cutrere - Lara Wilder (Cavill)
Eva Temple - Becky Chesson
Sister Temple - Rachel Critchley
Uncle Pleasant - Paul Sprawson
Vee Talbot - Jenny Hedley
Valentine Xavier - Bill Barrett
Lady Torrence - Sasha Boorman
Jabe Torrence - Leo Carlile
Sheriff Talbott - Bill Barrett
Woman on Phone - Rachel Critchley
David Cutrere - Bill Barrett
Nurse Porter - Rachael Critchley

Directed by Paul Sprawson & Rachel Critchley