August 2012

Measure For Measure's view of human nature is bleak and cynical. Isabella's goodness is harsh and inhuman, almost as repellent as Angelo's evil. Innocence, in the form of the hapless young lovers, becomes the state's plaything, to do with as it will. Lucio, the demon-fantastic is the very spirit of slander. And the plays secret heart is found in Barnardine, the unrepentant captive on death row, humanity triumphing in its corruption.
By his pseudo-abdication, the Duke seems to have thrown all of the pieces into the air, but he employs expert stage management to ensure that they land in the right places. Almost in the play's final breath, he gains by simple command what Angelo could not by snakelike stealth. Or does he?


Vincentio, The Duke - Ali George
Escalus, an ancient Lord - Sheamus Bourke
Angelo, the Deputy - Ben Purkiss
Lucio, a Fantastic - Dan Ward
First Gentlemen - James Nichol
Second Gentlemen - Neil Smith
Mistress Overdone, a Bawd - Lara Cavill
Pompey, a Clown - Jack Lawrence
Claudio, a young Gentlemen - Jack Bradley
Provost - Leo Carlile
Friar Peter Thomas - Phil Schmutz
Francisca, a Nun - Hazel Critchley
Isabella, a Novice, sister to Claudio - Grace O'Driscoll
Elbow, a simple Constable - Tom Russell
Froth, a foolish Gentleman - David Shaba
Secretary - Kat Newman
Juliet, beloved of Claudio - Dawn Brissenden
Mariana - Jessie Millner
Abhorson, an Executioner - James Nichol
Barnardine, a dissolute Prisoner - Neil Smith
Officer - James Joyce
Singing Boy - Adil Jafree

Directed by Daryl Brown