September 1993

"Macbeth" is a story of the interaction of personal responsibility and impersonal power. A man of value to the state, respected by his peers, is shown a possible future in the hand of darkness - a future which will require the bloody destruction of many, including the powerful woman at his side, who strangles his conscience, and ultimately himself, in order to be achieved. Illegitimate power is no real power at all. Rather it is a 'poisoned chalice', and those who drink from it are damned, and of course the state is degraded. "Macbeth" vividly depicts the varying forms of horror which must be endured by all those unlucky enough to be alive during the reign of terror. As we may be said to live in a historical epoch which has "supped full with Horrors" so the emblematic events of the play might occur in any society. The theft of power, the fall of the highest angel, are not time-bound; some post-apocalyptic Scotland, where political culture has reverted to the more sanctified, more brutal practices of our forefathers, and the Thane of Cawdor plots with the invading North, are not possible.



Duncan, King of Scotland - Daryl Brown
Malcolm - Steve Rawlings
Donalbain - James Buzzell
Macbeth - Shane Taylor
Lady Macbeth - Rachel Critchley
Banquo - Nathan Moore
Fleance - Steven Porter
Macduff - Leo Carlile
Lady Macduff - Lara Cavill
Macduff's Son - Stephen Porter
Ross - Leo McCrea
Lennox - Glen Bridgeland
Angus - Aneil Saraf
Menteith - Katrina King
Caithness - Dani Michaels
Siward - Kelvin Miller
Young Siward - James Chadwick
Seyton - Rob Belson
The Captain - Richard Simpson
The Weird Sisters - Sasha Brooman
- Martine Hanford
- Rebecca Eastwood
The Murderers - Mark Tumber
- Adrian Newman
Porter - Jon May
Gentlewoman - Jo Catena
Old Man - Gareth Boorman
English Doctor - Katrina King
Scottish Doctor - Daryl Brown