September 2001

Joe Orton's Loot, a comedy farce set in the 'sixties, centres around the interplay between several dubious characters, embroiled in a twisted tale of theft, corruption and murder.
One of the most notable features of Joe Orton's plays has always been a passionate disregard for the establishment, and Loot is no exception. This is most definitely not a play for the easily offended. Loot is also a demonstration of Orton's heart-felt belief that "people are profoundly bad, but irresistibly funny".
The play transpires within the house of one Mr McLeavy, an apparently respectable community member in mourning for his recently deceased wife. Into this melancholic, yet tranquil scene burst McLeavy's son Hal - a defiant, rebellious young man - along with his unusual friend Dennis, a local mortuary attendant.
Things become increasingly complicated by the presence of Fay McMahon (Mrs McLeavy's ex-nurse), and a singular, mysterious man named Truscott - both of whom have much to hide...



McLeavy - Leo Carlile
Inspector Truscott - Daryl Brown
Nurse Fay - Josie Sunnock
Harold - Andrew Miller
Dennis - Sean White
Meadows - Liam Thatcher

Directed by Daryl Brown