July 1999

Sleep is the most inexplicable element of our lives. We remember being tired and we remember waking up. The happening between rarely escape the limbo, remaining tied up in the vague recollection of dreams.
Our characters inhabit this domain, teetering interminably between sleep and the dusty remains of consciousness, where memory drifts in and out of focus and reality and unreality merge, furtively.
Reality itself is defined by memory. The recall an event in our past it has to be recreated in the mind. Recreation upon recreation, as contexts shift and motives slide, blurs the distinction between what is real and what could have been.
As the routine collapses, and the bed's occupants find themselves in unfamiliar situations and surroundings, the deepest memories are disturbed. Dark allusion turns to passionate storytelling, as the events at the core of our characters are replayed.
A simply constructed play, BED explores the memories that stick; the influence of those events in our lives that do not merely happen, they form.

S.J.B & B.W.T


Captain - Daryl Brown
Charles - Mark Hogben
Sermon Head - Josie Sunnock
The Couple - Bill Barrett & Emily Kirby
Marjorie - Rachel Critchley
Spinster - Jenny Hedley
Bosom Lady - Lara Healey (Cavill)

Directed by Sheamus Bourke & Bryan Critchley