August 1997

The young prince Idamante is awaiting his father, Idomeneo (s) return from the Trojan war. Meanwhile, the prince has fallen in love with Ilia, a Trojan prisoner, much to the chagrin of Electra, who is a Greek like him. Idomeneo does return, but only after surviving a shipwreck, in the throes of which he has promised the Gods, if they spare his, to sacrifice the first person he sees on land. The first person he sees is his son, Idamante. In an attempt to escape the consequences of his vow, he tries to send Idamante away, but the appearance of a sea monster prevents him. Realising that he has no choice, Idomeneo prepares to sacrifice his son, but when Ilia offers to die instead, the gods relent. They decree that Idomeneo must relinquish the throne to his son, who will marry Ilia. Electra goes off enraged, and Idomeneo leaves the young couple to reign in peace.

This was a work-in-progress, inspired my Mozarts Idomeneo. In preparation for Kent Opera's spring '98 production of Idomeneo, which was directed by Tim Carroll and designed by Roger Butlin, with Corin Butlin as composer. Ashford Youth Theatre and the above crew members spend four weeks becoming familiar with the story and music alike, of the opera, and isolating the themes and situations which have interested us.



Chloe Allen
Rebecca Bailes
Sheamus Bourke
Becky Chesson
Rachel Critchley
Graine Dunne
Alexander Gow
Eleanor Gow
Charlotte Hawkins
Jenny Hedley
Robert Hill
George Jarman
Danielle Johnson
David Kennell
Richard Laing
Steven Morford
Leslie Parker
Louise Price
Paul Rawlings
Patrick Seggery
Paul Sprawson
Shane Stanford
Josie Sunnock
Bryan Taylor
Caroline Taylor
Rachael Thompson
Alexandra Thorneloe
Harriet Thorneloe
David Tuff
Carol White
Vikki Wiberg

Directed by Tim Carroll